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This year, I spent my birthday walking around downtown Toronto to collect all my birthday freebies that different companies offer! There are a bunch on this list that I found online. So I woke up on the noon of my 24th birthday with a hankering for BBQ. I had a breakfast birthday beer followed by their two meat platter — pulled pork and brisket — which came with two sides — coleslaw and baked beans, my weakness.

I also ordered a cheesy jalapeno cornbread, because really, who can say no to that combination? It is always disappointing and this one was no different. It tasted like what I can make in my slow cooker. I put it in the bread with my coleslaw, which made it marginally better. The brisket was a little better. Soft, delicious, but sitting in a pool of grease and fat smothered in barbecue sauce.

However, when you drain the fattiness at the bottom from the meat, it is actually quite delicious. They also serve the bbq with two different sauces on the side. The hot sauce is not so hot. The cornbread was a muffin with pieces of japaleno in it. It was really yummy but disappointingly dry. The cheese on top was crispy and chewy and delicious. I did love the coleslaw and baked beans though. The beans were smokey and perfectly sweet. The coleslaw was the right about of tangy and crunchy. Yes, I do not only eat at independent restaurants. This night was just some wings and desserts.

The bacon was bleh. There was too much vodka, and not enough tomato flavour, or any other flavour really. It was chewy, with thick fudge in the middle, and oh man. It was perfect. The panookie on the right is always a good bet. A nice dose of sugar. The edges are crispy and the inside is chewy. On the left is a goat roti drenched in medium gravy and on the right is a doubles, which is a deep fried dough traditionally stuffed with curried chickpeas.

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They put chutney in it and I asked them to put chicken in it too. So good. If you can handle spice, I would still recommend getting the medium. It was still delicious though. A pretty normal Chinese restaurant where you can get your noodles and rice and sweet and sour pork. That beast up there is what they called French toast with peanut butter. It is a pretty dense, sweet bread with peanut butter spread in the middle, deep fried, and then you smother it in more butter and maple syrup. It is deadly. It is delicious. My friend Audrey has been obsessed with Caesars lately, and rightly so.

I love it when my caesar comes with a pickled bean. Yum yum. The burger was quite good, but I just needed a second to rave about these sweet potato fries. Ultra yummy with just the right about of crispiness and potatoeyness still in the middle. They even serve it with a spicy mayo — perfect. Milestones — 10 Dundas St. The Tuesday Peach Bellini special at Milestones is great!

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The boys were feeling too manly to order one for themselves even though they really really wanted one. Just beyond beyond. Soft, sweet, decadent, light, with some coffee underneath, whipped cream at the top. Take-me-home-to-yo-momma delicious. Tuck-me-into-a-bed-of-rose-pedals-and-make-love-to-me delicious.

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I hope all your birthday wishes come true around the world! Vegetable dish that I was too much of a hurry in to eat to take a picture of. Food actually rather good, big portions, many courses. The teppanyaki chef was kind of funny, very skilled. He was flipping eggs and bowls and things just all over the place. The fried rice as amazing.

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Sooooooo good. It was moist, flavoury, yummy yummy yummy. Still, it was rather tasty. The walls are lined with portraits upon portraits of people named Bobby, or any variation thereupon. Barker, Marley, and Hope, among dozens of others. The brother always orders the same thing when we go out to eat. The biggest normal breakfast he can find. They apparently tasted undercooked, and the maple syrup was not even enough to save them. The potatoes are lightly seasoned with a small unsatisfying crunch on the exterior. This was actually rather good to eat.

I think it came with some buttered toast as well. Now, I like meat, I like beans, and I love onions. This meal was fantastic. I first tried just the beans with the meat, a nice savoury flavour that with its pasty texture, when combined with the burger meat, makes for a pleasant gastronomic experience.

Then I tried eating it with the onions, and onions and beef are always a good pair in my book. I eat it in one of two ways. This is the reason they give you lettuce and a couple of slices of tomatoes.

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Eggs Florentine kind of encompasses some of my favourites into one. Japanese teacher shows you how to cook Japanese food in English.

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Kamikaze Sushi's parody bump for Midori No Hibi, sam no hibi. Subscribe Me youtube. This is my first music video shoot. Special thanks to my inspiration of the song, my girlfriend, Kristen Wiley.

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I talk about the reason I wrote the song and the meaning behind. Also, shows scenes from the shoot: dinner scene, club scene, and mini interview with Bruce Kraft. Release date is also mentioned. Again, I so blessed to have all the help I did. Thanks again for every who danced their butts off.

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If you haven't yet please: Subscribe Me youtube. Every DJ get hungry after spinning a few tunes so what is the best way to alleviate your hunger? Make California rolls of course! In this near complete KPOP-filled mix, not only do you get to hear some cool tunes, you also get to chance to see how I make my sushi rolls. They have very creative and unique designs so please check out their webstore to find out more about them!

It would mean the world to me if you guys could share this video with your friends. It will help for sure and perhaps I can even win!!! Songlist: 1. Sistar19 - Ma Boy Instrumental 2. G-Dragon and Top - Turn it Up 3. Martin Solveig feat. Dragonette and Idoling- Big in Japan cringe 5. Big Bang - Feeling 6. Lucky Strike San Francisco has some new and exciting new menu items. Here are just a few of the menu items that are San Francisco specific. Tako Sushi offers Japanese food delivery all over Toronto. The cool crisp cucumbers, spicy shrimp, and savory seafood dynamite merge to create one of the best spicy sushi roll recipes.

Join Christie and Jennie as they discuss free beer sushi versus steak and dogs versus cats. If you are looking for a unique Scottsdale Sushi bar Blue Wasabi if worth a visit. If you are looking for unique Scottsdale Sushi Blue Wasabi if worth a visit. Cucumbers add a tasty crunch to your American Sushi Rolls. For classic California Rolls to spider rolls, cucumbers are a must ingredient for a sushi night.

Easy sushi recipe that is always a guest favorite. Great for the filing or put on top of the sushi roll. Easy sushi recipe you can make from home. This easy sushi recipe is always a hit.