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  2. Done: The Secret Deals that are Changing Our World by Jacques Peretti!
  3. by Jane Sherron de Hart.

When climate change wipes your country off the map. What life looks like at 'Day Zero'. Giant iceberg breaks away.

See a Problem?

Al Gore's year fight against global warming. How climate change is changing lives. Scientists agree: Climate change is man-made. The term "global warming" seemed to be more in vogue in the past decade, although President Trump uses it these days to make fun of the concept on Twitter. Trump realDonaldTrump January 29, In politics, in public policy and in everyday conversation, for the most part, "climate change" has become more common.

The National Climate Assessment says it summarizes the impacts of "climate change. Check Google trends , though, and the terms seem to be typed into a browser at about the same rate. And the reason why there are different terms to describe one phenomenon is a tale that reveals how thinking can change on a topic -- and how language was shaped by politics and talking points in a secret memo. The first terms used to describe the impact that burning fossil fuel had on the Earth's climate were fit for a garden.

As early as the s, scientists suspected that industrialization changed the planet's temperature. Like Trump, the scientists didn't always think that was bad. You can't blame him," Jim Fleming said of Nobel Prize winner Svante Arrhenius , the first scientist to calculate the impact that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere had on temperature. Bernie Sanders says climate change is an 'existential crisis'.

Fleming, a professor of science, technology and society at Colby College who has written about the history of climate science, nicknamed Arrhenius "the Cold Swede. The purpose of Arrhenius' paper was to understand the cause of the Ice Age, but later, he linked coal production to greater concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Until about the s, scientists had a strong sense that human activity was changing the climate, but they debated whether the planet would get warmer or colder.

Often, they would use the term "inadvertent climate modification" or, scientists say, just stick with the "greenhouse effect. Wallace Broecker, the geophysicist who popularized the term 'global warming,' has died. The Columbia University professor, whom many called the "Grandfather of Climate Science" in obituaries in February, urged lawmakers to fund a national effort to understand it better.

In , the first decisive National Academy of Science study looking at the impact of CO2 on climate, known as the Charney Report for its chairman, used Broecker's term "global warming" to discuss the link between the increase in carbon dioxide emissions and surface temperature. It used "climate change" to talk about the other changes it would bring. The media and some scientists sometimes used the term "global change," but really started picking up on the term "global warming" much more often after covering James Hansen's testimony at a Senate hearing in research shows.

Australian mammal becomes first to go extinct due to climate change.

Lynda Walsh , a professor in the English Department at the University of Nevada, Reno, who specializes in the rhetoric of science, noted that "the political stakes got higher in the early s. That's when the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change reports raise alarms about it.

Congress held hearings about global warming. And the questions, as Peretti noted, go wider still: are the drugs enabling poverty? If you medicate people so they can cope with unendurable circumstances, are you saving lives or effectively suppressing a necessary revolution? Or both? Peretti circled these rabbit holes without disappearing down them. Doctors themselves questioned the increasing popularity of ADHD diagnoses.

In the US, one in seven children is being medicated for the disorder with drugs whose long-term effects cannot yet be known: 10, of them two- and three-year-olds. Entrepreneurs are now looking to cognitive enhancers to beat the natural inclination to slow down occasionally, and more consistently as we age, during the day. A better one, according to those set to make a killing from making it possible. Sep 20, Ailith Twinning rated it it was amazing Shelves: , , On the second read.

Still a good book, and I don't really want to spoil it, but I do want it on record that the last little bit of the book and the veins of it in the rest of the book aggravates me. Nov 19, Mair Skelton rated it it was amazing. My selected book for closing Well documented and written a must read uncovering truths of the big 5 companies, government, sugar and so much more. Secret deals that change the world what we buy and how.

Y en esta obra escrita por Jacques Peretti se nos presentan relatos detallados de algunos de los tratos llevados a cabo por emprendedores que apenas comenzaban su camino o por empresarios ya establecidos con la experiencia suficiente para reconocer negocios rentables. Perhaps to some this information is new and mind expanding but I found myself speeding ahead to the next section without picking up anything overly useful. The post-facto narrative quality feels more like weaving a story over history rather than uncovering a grand conspiracy or design.

It is unsurprising to hear that innovation springs up in the minds of individuals who challenge any existing system, the world is changed by us and governments can only regulate and hold on for the ride. The few p Perhaps to some this information is new and mind expanding but I found myself speeding ahead to the next section without picking up anything overly useful. The few positive points in the final chapters were interesting with respect to the teaching of children and the future but overall I can't really recommend this book. This is not about conspiracy theories as the name might suggest, but actually a very scary vision about the future.

Any regulations come too late or can be circumvented. Governments are dwarfed in the quest of corporations controlling technological advancement. Humans and humanity might be the biggest losers of all time against robots.

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This book is essential reading for anyone starting to question the current, almost evang This is not about conspiracy theories as the name might suggest, but actually a very scary vision about the future. This book is essential reading for anyone starting to question the current, almost evangelical message about the good of AI. The book does not explore the issue of where might the counter forces come from. A mile wide and an inch deep, nonetheless I enjoyed this book moreso than I expected.

The secret deals shaping our world

Very well selected "deals" cases to cover, and even within each deal, the author selected good current-day cases to which he related the original deal's impact. Its refreshing to read a well-written book that's also extremely current - with the cases and settings the author cites, it feels like it was written yesterday. In a book like this, it's good to feel current when reading it - I don't like reading book A mile wide and an inch deep, nonetheless I enjoyed this book moreso than I expected.

Feb 09, Paul rated it liked it. Interesting ideas but the authors lack of grasp of all things technical is comical verging on criminal.

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  • Mixing up SSL with blockchain, satellites with cell phone towers and basically having absolutely no clue while at the same time making authoritative statements on same. Saved by the overarching idea of not widely acknowledged forces shaping the world, rather than politicians or rich people.

    7 Ways You Can Change the World

    In the world of business, backdoor deals are everywhere. This book takes on the biggest of the businesses with the most reaching global deals ever made. It covers everything from the food we eat, to the drugs we take, to the cash we use, up to the world of business itself. This is one business book that everyone should read! Feb 18, Ruxandra rated it liked it. While it seemed at the beginning very inclined towards conspiracy, I'll have to say it put lots of things into perspective. It is an agglomeration of facts and stories from business, tech, industry, and politics.

    I like to believe that this is what the book wanted, to make us question the world around; otherwise I'm not sure what it wants to convince of.

    Video: Review of Done: The Secret Deals That Are Changing Our World by Jacques Peretti

    Very exciting and rather depressing book about the state of the world, it shows where real power lies. The reason I have given four stars and not five is it is somewhat sensationalist and glazes over nuance for example, when discussing how governments have ceded power to businesses, Peretti ignores the fact that governments still hold a monopoly on violence. This is a one hella book about everything: politics, economics, marketing, technology you name it. Mar 28, Aravind P S rated it it was amazing.

    Worth reading It was a one place for all information, I like the way he linked everything that is happening across the globe. It is all about the small decision taken by someone to change his life and people around him. Nov 05, Bon Tom rated it it was amazing. Lot's of insights inside. Just when I thought I figured it all out, here comes something new and refreshing.

    Felt I have just read a Wikipedia Article Lots of interesting facts but no real thesis and not that thought provoking. Disappointing as Peretti is a first rate journalist. Very interesting, brought into light many issues I have a lot of things to research further. Very insightful. Change the way of how I see the world and everything around us.